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Restaurant stupidity?

• Oct 24, 2017 at 5:00 PM

A recent post on the blog specifically for men, mantalkblog.com, lays out the proper etiquette for dining at any type of restaurant.

But remember: This blog is solely for men.


“Most of us reading this blog have at one time or another had pretty remedial jobs whether working in food service or delivering papers (do they still do that?),” the writer begins a post titled “Restaurant Stupidity.” “Folks working for tips in food service have a fairly tough job — they have to deal with the public, and the public is full of idiots! In some restaurants this is a really tough job.”

The first tip is to tip “the good ones well and the poorer ones less.”

In fact, the entire post focuses on tipping, even if the writer states that it’s “not about tipping, though, this is about customer (that’s us) courtesy.”

Read the complete post: “Restaurant Stupidity.”

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