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Valentine's Day date ideas

• Jan 16, 2018 at 5:00 PM

We may be in the January doldrums, but February and Valentine’s Day are just around the corner.

Blogger Tieka offers her ideas for Valentine’s Day in a new post.

“For Valentine’s Day, Eric and I usually keep it pretty simple with a fun date together — either an evening out at one of our favorite restaurants, a trip or two around our local ice-skating rink, or a cozy night in eating pizza and watching movies,” the Grand Rapids graphic designer wrote. “Although I’m surprised every year at work with flowers from Eric, we usually forgo gifts in exchange for experiences, and get each other a sweet card that says a special message instead.”

Tieka warns readers that this post has been sponsored by American Greetings. “All thoughts and opinions are my own,” she adds.

One of her Valentine’s Day ideas is to “have an experience.” What’s that, you ask?


“My favorite way to celebrate any special occasion is to take a trip or have an experience together,” Tieka explains. “Whether that’s something as simple as going out to see a movie or a bigger experience like taking a weekend trip somewhere, the memories always mean the most to me. A few ideas for fun experiences — try ice-skating, or plan a day to go sledding. Take a walk together. Head to your local arcade or ride go-karts.”

Find more ideas by reading the complete post: “Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.”

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