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Best ways to save on groceries in 2018

• Jan 30, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Have you noticed that fewer and fewer newspaper coupons are for food?

It’s true, according to Josh Elledge, the “chief executive angel” for SavingsAngel.com.

“In their 2017 findings, Kantar Media confirmed this with stats, stating that of the 274 billion coupons distributed via newspaper inserts, 72 percent of them were for non-food goods,” he wrote in his blog. “... The lack of food coupons is such a source of frustration for families that many have abandoned couponing altogether. But I’m here to encourage you to come back to using them this year with some of the best ways to save on groceries in 2018.”

Although non-food coupons dominate the number of available coupons, Elledge notes, the average face value of all newspaper coupons increased last year. That’s the good news.

“So, even if you struggle to find coupons for all the food items on your grocery list, you should be getting all the savings you can to offset other items,” Elledge explains. “That’s what will keep your grocery bill low. And what will keep your grocery bill even lower is to stock up when you can match a good coupon with a good sale. When you have plenty of products on-hand that you can find coupons for, you don’t need to buy them again for a long time — freeing up money for things like weekly fresh consumables.”

So, now where and how do you save? Read the complete blog post to find out: “The best ways to save on groceries in 2018.”

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