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The soul and soles of a grandfather

• Feb 20, 2018 at 5:00 PM

On his blog, the Rev. Jared Cramer recently reposted what was originally written nearly a decade ago. It later worked its way into his book, “Scribere Orare Erat.”

“My grandfather, Ken Stewart, who I talk about in this essay, died this afternoon,” Cramer noted in the Jan. 11 post. “He is now reunited with my grandma, Dorothy, who died this past August — though they had long (been) separated in mind (though not in heart) after she developed dementia. I pray that God's love now envelopes and heals them both.”

Cramer said he is grateful to have had Stewart as his grandfather for the many things he taught him — “most importantly about the love of family, the love of Church, and the love of Scripture.”

“And, if you are ever in Corunna, Michigan, take a look at the building on the corner across the street from the courthouse,” Cramer noted. “He finally did sell it, and the awning now bears the name ‘The Ken & Dorothy Stewart Building.’"

So, you can read the full story on Cramer’s blog: “Polish ~ In Memory of William Kenneth Stewart.”

By the way, he means “polish,” as in polishing shoes, not someone from Poland. His grandfather owned a shoe store in Corunna, about halfway between Lansing and Flint.

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