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Is late-night TV trash?

• Mar 20, 2018 at 5:00 PM

A blog solely for men, mentalkblog.com, doesn’t like the new crop of late-night TV talk shows.

In a post titled “When America Laughed and late-night TV shows were good,” the anonymous man blogger gives a thumbs down to what’s on now and reminds us how relevant guys like Johnny Carson were to Americans way back when. (Note that the writing, punctuation and some grammar needed to be cleaned up a bit.)

“The so-called late-night shows are just political trash anymore,” the poster says. “Actually, this started pretty much with bitter life David Letterman and then a bit less so with Leno, but that is when late-night entertainment started to get political. Now it is just pure out-of-control hate driven by guys who are political hacks with little real talent.”

The blogger notes that many readers may have never seen “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. And it’s sad, he says, that they missed out.

“Actually Johnny was so good few referred to it as the ‘Tonight Show,’ but called it the Johnny Carson Show or just Johnny Carson,” he wrote. “The day after the show people everywhere would ask: Did you see Carson last night?


“... His show was so powerful that one night he jokingly referred to a toilet paper shortage in the country. The next day people hit the stores so hard the nation’s stores sold out of it in a couple of hours, and for three days there was a TP shortage across the nation’s retailers.”

Read the complete blog post: “When America Laughed and late-night TV shows were good.”

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