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Student art on display in downtown Grand Haven

• Jun 12, 2018 at 5:00 PM

The Grand Haven High School student art show last month displayed about 60 pieces in downtown businesses.

In her blog, C2C Gallery owner Cyndi Casemier included several photos of the students and their art that was on display.

“I love organizing and hosting this show of student artwork,” she noted in her “Wrapping up the Grand Haven High School Art Show” post. “Each year, the students amaze me with their creativity. The teachers (at) Grand Haven High School are dedicated, talented, caring instructors who patiently reassure the students that ‘yes, they can learn this technique’ and complete the assignment.”


For the past seven years, Casemier has worked with the GHHS art department in an effort to recognize student artists.

“What I really love is that the kids are learning that you can be creative in so many different ways in your life,” she said. “The skills hopefully acquired in these courses will assist them throughout their lives in problem solving a wide range of tasks and problems.”

Thousands of art pieces are looked at when deciding what to include in the exhibition, Casemier told Tribune reporter Alex Doty for a story last month. Stacy Broas from The Creative Fringe and Julie Sanford from Sanford Designs help her each year in picking various jewelry pieces for the showcase.

See more photos of the art show on Casemier’s blog.

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