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Fish and veterans along the Causeway

• Jul 24, 2018 at 5:00 PM

You may have seen Muskegon’s Veterans Park on your way to North Muskegon over the Causeway. It’s long honored veterans and soon will be focusing on fish, as well.

Veterans Park is in transition between “swampy greenery and tranquil park,” noted Beau Brockett Jr. in a recent post on the West Michigan Environmental Action Council blog.

“Two lagoons and the Muskegon River that separates them make up the three bodies of water in Muskegon’s Veterans Memorial Park,” Brockett notes. “The flooded sidewalks along each side of the southern lagoon almost make a fourth and fifth.

“Piles of dirt crowd the parking lots,” he continues in the post. “American flags and veteran memorials dot the landscape, just like the young trees held upright by rope. Orange safety fences line the southern lagoon but fail to stop water from drowning the adjacent grass.”

Brockett points out that Kathy Evans, the environmental program manager for the West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission, a planning and development agency representing more than 120 local governments in the Muskegon area, is leading a $2.3 million National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration grant project to open Veterans Park’s lagoons to the Muskegon River and to bring the land’s wetland habitat back.


Reconstruction of the park in nearly complete.

“The restoration is part of a multi-year, $75 million vision to take nearby Muskegon Lake off the Great Lakes Area of Concern list by 2020,” Brockett wrote. “The Muskegon River, which goes through Veterans Park, flows through Muskegon Lake. The NOAA designated Muskegon Lake as one of nine habitat focus areas in the country.”

Find out more by reading the complete blog post: “Muskegon Park restoration honors vets, welcomes fish.”

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