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Solar power shrinks West Michigan woman's electric bill

• Sep 11, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Jane Dyer says her May electric bill was only 8 percent of what it was in May 2017. She attributes that huge drop in her Consumers Energy bill to the solar energy installation on her Alto farm.

Considering solar energy for your home, farm or business? It’s easier than you might expect, says Beau Brockett, writing for the West Michigan Environmental Action Council’s blog.

“On the south side of the roof and on the ground next to Dyer’s backyard garden are 33 solar panels,” Brockett wrote. “All of Dyer’s electrical needs have been generated through them since their installation in December 2017.”

Dyer discovered, with help from a Consumers Energy, that her home’s electric usage was higher than it should be. And her brother had raved about the solar panels he installed in 2015.

“Despite a tax rebate and net metering measures giving credit for excess electric generation, start-up costs made her hesitate,” Brockett wrote. “If she decided to buy panels, Dyer was ‘clueless’ as to where to start. Then, Dyer received an inheritance, which she decided to use to finance solar panel installation.”

She hired a Shelbyville company for the installation. 

Read the complete blog post, “Considering solar?” and find out how Dyer’s monthly electric bill went from $110 to $8.

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