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TRUNK: What Kavanaugh has taught me about how the world works

• Oct 2, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Blogger Penelope Trunk has been obsessed with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the controversial Supreme Court nominee.

“I can’t stop reading about Judge Kavanaugh,” she wrote for a post dated Sept. 25. “I am learning so much about how the world works.”

For starters, Trunk called the judge’s high school yearbook “horrifying.”

“There were derogatory jokes about women throughout the pages,” she wrote. “Everyone knew, but the boys were rich, and they were going to top colleges, so it was OK. I didn’t know there were yearbooks like that.”

Secondly, Kavanaugh always takes law students from Yale for his coveted clerkships, Trunk says.

“The symbiotic relationship there is that Yale can say their students always get great clerkships,” she wrote, “and in exchange Yale law professor Amy Chua makes sure Kavanaugh always has a stream of female law school students who look like models.”

But the system seems to be breaking down, and that’s good, she says.

“I want to be in this new wave of women who demand that Yale stop funneling women to lecherous men,” Trunk wrote. “I want to stand with women who risk their lives to testify in our male-privileged Senate. But most of all I want to say: I believe women.”

Read the complete blog post: “Judge Kavanaugh has taught me so much about how the world works.”

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