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'We don't quit, no matter the score!'

• Oct 30, 2018 at 5:00 PM

In a post dated Oct. 19, the same night the Grand Haven varsity football team blew away their opponents, Doug Tjapkes penned a post for the Humanity for Prisoners’ blog about his son.

Doug’s son is Matt Tjapkes, who serves as executive director for HFP and also does the play-by-play for the Grand Haven Bucs football games on the local radio station. Oct. 19 was the final game of the year.


“The Buccaneers wasn’t a terrific high school football team this year, and the record hasn’t been very exciting (even though our two grandsons were on the roster),” the elder Tjapkes wrote. “But the (Grand Rapids) Union Red Hawks’ record is dismal. And it goes way back. The school is located in an older neighborhood, the football team hasn’t won a game in a long, long time, and nobody even bothers to come out to watch them anymore. A while back, at a high school contest in Muskegon County, there were four fans in the stands.”

Long story short, the Bucs won, 54-0. It was 35-0 at the halftime.

Still, Tjapkes admires the rag-tag Union team for “keep on keepin’ on.”

“We don’t quit,” the Union coach, Rick Angstman, told Matt, “no matter the score.”

Doug relates that message to their work for Michigan prisoners.

Read the complete blog post: “Matt calling the game and Matt's mind games.”

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