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Grand Haven man digs deep into Gordon Lightfoot albums

• Dec 4, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Local vinyl record enthusiast Brett Billedeau traveled back more than 40 years to pay tribute to one of the great Canadian singer-songwriters.

“Gordon Lightfoot turned 80 years old this week,” Billedeau noted in a Nov. 18 blog post, “a worthy feat considering the string of health issues he's suffered in the last two decades. But maybe what's kept him going is the music; he still tours rather extensively each year, playing venues ranging from intimate theaters to festivals. His voice is ragged but still carries weight and his audiences are now made up of several generations, from his peers to their grandchildren and younger.”

Billedeau, of Grand Haven, says his favorite Lightfoot album is 1975’s “Cold On The Shoulder.”


“Sandwiched in between the massive successes of 1974's ‘Sundown’ (with its massive hits ‘Carefree Highway’ and the title track) and 1976's ‘Summertime Dream’ that featured ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’ (a huge deal to those of Mighiganders), it seems ‘Cold ...’ isn't exactly underrated as much as it is overlooked,” he wrote. “In fact, when I found an original vinyl pressing in a record collection, I hadn't heard of it. I'd been getting into Gordon's music and took a chance. I'd heard ‘Rainy Day People,’ a lovely lament, but the rest was new to me.”

Read the complete post, “Gordon Lightfoot, Cold On The Shoulder (1975),” and find out more about Billedeau’s favorite Canadian.

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