Grand Haven Tribune: Local company wins prestigious award for third time

Local company wins prestigious award for third time

Samantha Lewakowski • Jun 25, 2016 at 12:00 AM

West Michigan Molding of Grand Haven has been presented its third product award from General Motors.

West Michigan Molding is one of just three companies among 350 in North America that supply GM to have won the award three times.

The award goes to companies with zero non-conforming products for an entire year. They delivered on schedule, with no defects 100 percent of the time.

Hugo Leonardi and other representatives from GM recently visited the Grand Haven-based manufacturer to thank them for their hard work.

“I manage 350 different suppliers in the country,” Leonardi said. “This company is completely off my radar — which is a great thing. They cause me no grief. They are an elite supplier. Obviously, this company needs its leadership positions, but this award recognizes the people on the floor. It’s for the everyday workers putting in the hours — nobody can make a mistake.”

West Michigan Molding also works to be eco-friendly. Additional variables factoring into their national rank include how much recycling they do, their environmental impact and how large of a carbon footprint they leave behind.

The company’s president, Marsha Steal, has overseen activities for the past five years.

“I am very proud of them,” she said of her staff. “All of the girls just get in there and get the job done, and clearly it shows. Their ability to work as a team is unbelievable.

“A few years ago, the floor men presented a film on faulty products — not ours, but faulty products nonetheless,” Steal continued. “That was a turning point for everyone. Their faces were horrified — they did not want to be associated with products like that. I think it’s so great that everyone cares enough. I truly view us as a work family.”

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