Super Bowl kicks off super sales for local businesses

Marie Havenga • Feb 4, 2017 at 2:00 PM

There will be a lot of hot shots in Houston on Sunday, but John Stanitzek is focusing on his own “hot shots” that he makes at his Grand Haven business.

The owner of Frank's Market said he's making between 300 and 400 more pounds of his popular “hot shot” beef sticks in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday.

Stanitzek has also been smoking up a couple hundred more pounds of beef jerky than normal. He's also stocked up on chicken wings, kielbasa, ground beef for sloppy joes and pork for pulled pork.

“People are making sloppy joes, crock pots full of kielbasa, chicken wings — those sort of things increase around Super Bowl time,” Stanitzek said. “We always sell a lot more ‘hot shots,’ more jerky, the snack foods.”

Foods that feed crowds are most popular, he said.

“Pulled pork sandwiches are something that goes a long way,” Stanitzek said. “You can do a big crock pot full of kielbasa and feed 30 people.”

Stanitzek estimates his sales increase about 10 percent leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.

“The Super Bowl is definitely another holiday, but it's a small holiday compared to most,” he noted.

What hot shot team will the meat man be rooting for on Sunday?

“I'm a Patriots fan,” Stanitzek said. “They're consistent winners. (Tom) Brady is something special as far as quarterbacks go — plus, he's a Michigan boy.”

Patti Bernard, owner of Mama Mia's Pizza in Spring Lake, is also cheering for the Patriots. She and her employees will be watching the game as they prepare pizza pies on Sunday.

“We stock more inventory and have more people working that day,” Bernard said. “Some people order subs, but pizza is the most popular.”

Most people want their food right around kickoff time.

“It's a busier Sunday than we normally would have on a Sunday,” Bernard said of the Super Bowl. “We have a TV right here in the kitchen. I'm a Michigan fan, so I'll be rooting for Brady.”

With all that food people are buying for Super Bowl Sunday, they'll need something to wash it down. Bhupinder Dhillon, owner of Seaway Party Store in Grand Haven, said his beverage sales get a 25-30 percent boost on Super Bowl weekend.

“Business goes up on Saturday and Sunday,” he said. “And then during the game, it just dies. It's a pretty big jump for a few hours before the game starts.”

Super Bowl Sunday is pretty much a beer holiday, according to Dhillon, both craft and domestic.

“We don't sell a whole bunch of liquor,” he said. “We sell a lot of Bud Light and Coor's. Craft beers go better than the rest of the beers.”

Instead of the usual one employee on Sundays, Seaway will staff three or four for Super Bowl weekend.

“Saturday is going to be busier than Sunday, I believe,” he said Friday.

Dhillon said he may or may not watch the game, but he for sure is not choosing sides.

“I'm neutral,” he said. “I can't be taking sides. My customers would get mad.”

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