11 things to know about the Tribune's new delivery method

Alex Doty • Jul 18, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Last week, it was announced that the Grand Haven Tribune will enter into a partnership with the U.S. Postal Service to carry out the daily delivery of the newspaper.

Tribune Publisher Kevin Hook noted in a July 12 story about the decision that it was made primarily because of the increasing difficulty in finding new people to deliver the paper.

We’ve taken the time to answer some of our subscribers’ most common questions about this change in delivery, which is set to begin July 26, and what it means for you:

Now that you’re delivering my paper via the mail, does that mean I won’t get the current paper until the next day?

Readers will still get same-day delivery. We’ve worked closely with our printer in Greenville, as well as the post office, in order to rearrange our production to have the papers delivered to the post office in a timely manner to ensure same-day delivery.

I live outside of the Grand Haven area (which includes Spring Lake, Coopersville, Fruitport, Robinson Township and Crockery Township) and I am concerned I won’t get my paper on time. Are customers who live out here going to be taken care of?

Absolutely. We will have drivers who will deliver the papers to the various post offices, again in a timely manner, to get same-day delivery to the customer. By using the postal carriers to deliver the paper, this will actually allow us to expand our circulation footprint without having to find additional carriers or create new routes.

Will this change mean I will get my paper in the mailbox? Do I still need a Tribune delivery tube?

Your paper will be delivered with your mail to your post office box. At that point, you will no longer need the delivery tube.

I don’t currently subscribe, but I do buy single copies at the local store. Will these still be made available each day?

Single-copy sales will not be impacted by this change. Due to the change in production, it’s likely that most single-copy locations will have papers available earlier than ever before.

Does the Tribune have a plan in place for delivery on observed post office holidays?

If you don’t get your mail due to a postal holiday, there won’t be a paper, either. We will follow the same schedule as the post office. We currently don’t publish on major holidays — Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Additional postal holidays that a paper won’t be published include Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day (observed). Your account will be adjusted accordingly.

I don’t get the mail until late in the day. Is there a way to get the paper electronically instead?

In addition to the print version, we also distribute the Tribune e-edition, which is a digital replica of the print edition and delivered to your email inbox at 7:30 a.m. The only thing you wouldn’t get are the pre-printed inserts. If you are a morning reader, you could sign up for the e-edition and continue to get the print edition delivered for the inserts. You’ll have the best of both worlds.

Do other small community newspapers use mail delivery, or is the Tribune unique in this way?

Many other community newspapers also use the post office to deliver the paper — Greenville, Cadillac, Big Rapids, Manistee and Petoskey, to name a few.

I really liked my carrier. What happens to him/her?

The carriers were given 30-days notice. If they stay with us through July 25, they will be paid an additional two weeks. Some of them will continue to work for us delivering to single-copy locations, as well as the West Michigan News Review, a weekly publication delivered to nonsubscribers throughout the area. Many of our customers were fortunate to have good carriers — but, unfortunately, recruiting and retaining new carriers has become overbearing. Providing quality service to all of our customers is a top priority and our current delivery service didn’t provide that in all areas.

I get my mail delivered to a P.O. box. Can I continue to do so, but have my paper delivered to my physical home address?

If you put up a mailbox and are willing to receive any mail that comes addressed to your house along with the Tribune, you can do that. You can then still have anything that’s addressed to the P.O. box continue to go there. Basically, if you currently have a standing order not to receive mail at your home address, that would have to stay in effect. If you want to change it, you can, but you will also receive any mail that happens to be addressed to your house.

How do I stop my paper when I go out of town or go away for the winter?

Call our office and we will stop the paper. You will still need to call the post office to stop or forward your mail. If you wish to have copies of the paper held for you, we will do that here at the office and you can stop down to pick them up upon your return. The e-edition is a good option for winter travelers. All you need is email access.

Should I call the Tribune office or the post office if I don’t receive the paper?

Please call the Tribune office first. The first question we will ask is whether or not you’ve received your mail. If you have, we will work with the post office to find out what happened and try to keep it from happening again.

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