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Mudita gift helps child abuse, human rights project

• May 6, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Every year, between 500 million and 1.5 billion children worldwide endure some form of violence.

This can be child labor or neglect as well as physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Global estimates indicate that about one in three women worldwide have experienced partner or non-partner violence in their lifetime.

Savneel Sangeet, an educator and native of Fiji, has witnessed first-hand widespread and unrestrained child abuse, women’s abuse, and other human injustices in multiple countries. Through a $500 Mudita gift — donated by Spring Lake Presbyterian Church —Sangeet will be able to continue his quest to end that abuse.

“My objective is to motivate people to take action against children and women’s abuse, to promote all forms of human rights and for everyone to be treated equally,” he said.

Sangeethas seen much suffering and has dedicated himself to prevent further mistreatments by meeting with local officials, residents, working with local youth groups, and initiating conversation on every Fiji island. He stresses the need for both cultural and institutional reforms.

Recently, he completed his first quest on the largest island of Vitilevu. The $500 Muditia gift will be used to continue his journey — on April 22, he began a 5,587 kilometer walk around the second largest island, Vanua Levu. The walk will take 12 days as he visits 35 villages and works with 35 youth groups.

The gift was funded by a donation from Spring Lake Presbyterian Church.

"Through our annual Christmas tree sales, the Spring Lake Presbyterian Church has donated over $160,000 to dozens of religious and secular nonprofits which seek to ‘promote justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly,’” said Reverend Dan Anderson of Spring Lake Presbyterian Church. “Sanveel's mission to promote human rights, prevent child abuse and support marriage equality is a perfect example of why we partnered with Extended Grace in supporting their Mudita program.

“These programs make our world smaller and help erase lines that separate us from one another."

People interested in sponsoring a $500 Mudita Gift can contact Barbara Lee Van Horssen at [email protected]

Mudita is a Sanskrit word that means “I rejoice in your good fortune.” The $500 gifts are available to individuals who have creative ideas for improving the lives of others. Applications are available online at extendedgrace.org/mudita-fund. 

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