The top trick-or-treat loot

Alex Doty • Oct 28, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Halloween is days away, and soon, children will take to the streets dressed in the latest costume fad, knocking on doors, shouting “trick-or-treat” and stocking up on candy.

But not all candy is created equal. There are some items that are better left in the candy dish at your bank than in the candy bowl at your front door. For every Kit Kat and Snickers bar, there are plenty of bags of candy corn, Bit-O-Honey and Good & Plenty.

Getting the right candy is just as important as getting candy at all.

As a tribute to all the kids out there who’ll be getting their fair share of sweets, I’m counting down my top five favorite halloween candies.

And if you don’t agree with my list, don’t worry. That just means there’s more candy corn and black licorice for you! 

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And now on to the countdown:

(5) M&Ms

From the good old-fashioned plain and peanut flavors, to the newer varieties such as peanut butter and crispy, there are enough flavors of M&Ms to keep things interesting and give a nice variation to the candy bag. If I had my way, peanut butter and peanut M&Ms would be the ones in my bag. In fact, I remember trading with my brother as a kid, swapping his peanut flavored M&Ms with my plain.

(4) Twix

This mix of chocolate, caramel and cookie is a delight any time of year, and is one of the essential trick-or-treat candies. It’s always great when the hand behind the front door plops a few Twix bars into your candy bag. Twix bars taste good in any combination, whether you eat the left, right or both sides at once. And bonus points for the homeowner that hands out Twix peanut butter flavored bars. This might prompt a second visit to your doorstep.

(3) Snickers

Another classic candy that I think should be in every kids trick-or-treat bag. I remember as a kid going always stopping at a house that gave out full-sized Snickers bars. I loved it, and made sure to tear into it before Dad claimed it as his own. To this day, I always wonder if all of the children in the neighborhood received the king size bars, or if my brother and I were cool enough to get these deluxe treats.

(2) Almond Joy

The candy bucket wouldn’t be complete without a few of these bars in the mix. I love the combination of dark chocolate, coconut and almond. In fact, the almonds also provide a nice texture to the soft, chewiness of the bar. While Mounds bars would be an alright substitute, Almond Joy is where its at.

(1) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I’ve saved the best of all candies for last. If there’s just one candy that should be handed out on Halloween at every home, its this one. There’s just something about that mix of chocolate and peanut butter that makes these sweet treats irresistible. As a kid, I would sit and pick through my bag and find these so I could eat them first, and they didn’t last long. It was nice when you’d find the miniature Reese’s hidden at the bottom of your trick-or-treat bag when all that was left were Bit-O-Honeys and Mary Janes. And bonus points for the homeowner who gives out Reese’s Big Cups or the king size packages.

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