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HOOK: The right decision is often the difficult one to make

Kevin Hook/Tribune publisher • Jul 20, 2018 at 1:00 PM

Last week, I had to inform our production employees, as well as the independent contractors (carriers) that deliver the Grand Haven Tribune the unpleasant news that, effective July 26, the Tribune would begin using the U.S. Postal Service to deliver the paper. They were told that market conditions have made recruiting and retaining reliable carriers overbearing. The result was unsatisfactory service to our customers on many routes.

Make no mistake about it, though, we had many long-term carriers who showed up every day and did their job very well. It was an unfortunate day for those carriers.

This decision has created a mixed bag of concerns, many of which have been shared directly with me. I understand those concerns, and I appreciate you sharing them with me.

The Tribune is in the very challenging news business, not the delivery business. When the delivery aspect of our operation got to the point where it could no longer be managed efficiently, we decided to get out of the delivery business and focus on our product.

Ultimately, the decision was made in the best interest of our valued customers. This will allow us to focus on the news product and provide you with even more value for your dollar.

No doubt there will be some bumps in the transition — there always is, but we’re confident that in the long run this will be better for both you the customer and the Tribune.

For those of you who have had less-than-adequate service in the past, thank you for continuing to subscribe to the Tribune. If you’ve canceled your subscription and buy the paper on the news stand, I encourage you to give us another try. Call our customer service staff at 616-842-6400 and ask them to get you started back up.

We look forward to the new beginning that July 26 will bring, and we’re hopeful you’ll join us on that journey.

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