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February Inspire! celebrates all love

• Feb 12, 2018 at 3:00 PM

The February Inspire! event, hosted by Extended Grace, hopes to raise awareness on how imbedded biases and mistreatment of those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or transgender is in our culture.

The Inspire event will take place on Saturday, Feb. 17 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Momentum Center, 714 Columbus Ave, Grand Haven. No registration is required. Everyone is welcome.

How to honor diversity, treat all human beings with respect and dignity, and understanding the diverse challenges that the LGBQT community faces will be addressed.

Participants and panelists will include Katy Walters, Leo Hasty, La'Nay Cochran and Autumn Chorney from Grand Haven High School's Gay-Straight Alliance; Rev. Jen Adams and Rev. Dan Furman from Out On The Lakeshore; and Judy Parr from PFLAG, as well as a special guests from The Reeths-Puffer Gay Straight Alliance and Muskegon Pride.

Music will be led by Rev. Dan Anderson followed by an introduction to the topic, panel presentations with questions and answers, small group discussion, and large group brainstorming. Brunch will be provided by the Village Baker.

Extended Grace is a grass-roots social lab dedicated to building community while solving problems. It has no religious or political affiliations and maintains we all do better when we extend more grace to one another.

For additional information, visit extendedgrace.org or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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