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Mudita Gift will provide water for Kenyan village

• Jun 1, 2018 at 5:00 PM

From a state where water is plentiful to a country where it is often not, a Mudita Gift will travel 7,800 miles to help bring water for drinking and irrigation to a Kenyan village.

The 1,500 residents of Rusinga Island, Kenya, rely on a community pump for water to drink, bathe in, cook with and irrigate their 7.5-acre communal farm plot. During the dry season, village women travel more than 100 miles roundtrip to Lake Victoria for water.

With her application for an Extended Grace Mudita Gift, Eunice Kemuma asked for help. The $500 grant, sponsored by Rendezvous Restaurant in Grand Haven, will cover the purchase and installation of a second community pump for the village.

“You are sent from God,” Kemuma said when she learned she had received the Mudita Gift. “I am humbled and grateful. This is the most wonderful news I have had this year.”

Rendezvous Restaurant’s Bill Peak agreed.

“It’s a great cause and a good use of the money,” he said.

Mudita Gift awards are given to individuals who have creative ideas for making the world a better place. Applications are available online at extendedgrace.org or at the Momentum Center, 714 Columbus Ave., Grand Haven.

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