GH girl, 14, raises $1K for Children's Advocacy Center

Matt DeYoung • Jul 26, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Sara Dalman has a giving heart. 

What else would inspire a 14-year-old to spend a year earning $1,000, only to turn around and give that money away? 

The Grand Haven girl did just that, raising $1,000 between June 2017 and this past June and donating it all to the Children’s Advocacy Center. For her efforts, Dalman was given a Dream Catcher award from the center.

“I’ve been a volunteer at the center and I have a passion for helping other people,” said Sara, whose mom, Amy Dalman, is a prevention coordinator at the Children’s Advocacy Center. “It affects many people, so I wanted to do something to help.”

The Children’s Advocacy Center works with kids who have been sexually abused. The center offers training to children throughout the community, teaching them how to keep their body safe, and also works with parents to make sure they’re doing all they can to keep their kids safe. 

“Sara has a very kind heart and she loves to help others,” Amy said. “She had to figure out on her own how to raise that money.”

Sara started a car cleaning business to raise a portion of the funds. She also hosted a family bike ride at Peach Plains Elementary School and used some of her babysitting money to reach the $1,000 mark. 

“It took me the whole year,” Sara said. “It felt cool that I could help others.”

“It’s a testament that anybody can do it,” Amy added. “If a 14-year-old girl who’s busy with dance and school and teenage life can do it, anyone can.”

Amy said her daughter’s donation will help the non-profit center increase its community awareness events. The number of people seen at the Children’s Advocacy Center has increased by 46 percent during the past two years, she said. 

“Really, unless you have a situation where something already happened to you, people don’t know about us,” Amy said. “We want to do more.”

Sara is continuing to do her part — she’s already started toward her goal of another $1,000 donation. This time, she hopes to have company. 

“I’m trying to find more girls or guys who want to do it as a big group,” she said. 

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