'New life' lands GH man back in prison

Becky Vargo • Jun 27, 2017 at 6:51 PM

A former Tennessee man who said he moved to Grand Haven to “start a new life” found his way back to prison after using PayPal to steal from his grandmother and his boss.

Adam Dorian Lovin, 32, apologized “to the people I hurt” before Judge Karen Miedema sent him to prison for a year and a half during a hearing Monday in Ottawa County Circuit Court.

Lovin pleaded guilty May 22 to three counts of false pretenses between $1,000 and $20,000. In exchange for the plea, charges of forgery and uttering and publishing were dismissed.

Lovin told the judge that he moved to the area to be closer to his girlfriend’s family and a more stable life they offered. Unfortunately, he relapsed, he said. But Lovin said he has been attending support group and therapy, has a job, and has been saving to pay back the money he took, along with court fines and costs.

Miedema noted that Lovin did appear remorseful, but that this was his 15th felony conviction. He also has five misdemeanor convictions.

“You did five years out of state for fraudulent activity,” the judge said.

For the years Lovin has been free, he’s averaged 2-3 crimes each year, Miedema noted.

Miedema emphasized that Lovin should have used his previous time in prison to work on keeping his life in order.

Lovin made enough transactions on his PayPal account to take his grandmother for more than $8,100. He also stole more than $5,200 from his boss using the same method, Miedema said.

He was ordered to pay restitution in addition to his prison sentence, plus fines and costs.

“This is based on the crimes you committed here, the number of times you committed the crimes and your record. as well,” Miedema said.

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