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Get the vote out Tuesday, Tri-Cities

• Aug 7, 2017 at 12:00 PM

With all the hoopla of the past week centered around the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival, Tuesday’s primary elections may have been out of mind for many of us.

But take a look at the letters to the editor on this page for the past couple of weeks (there are more on this page today) and you will see it’s not been lost for many folks.

That’s good news. It’s great that people are taking such interest in the local political process.

If you have an election Tuesday in your municipality, we urge you to take a minute or two and exercise your patriotic duty to vote. We’re not urging you to vote for any particular candidate nor check a “yes” or “no” for the Spring Lake Village ballot question, we just hope you find your way to the polls.

In the City of Grand Haven, voters will select two of the three mayoral candidates who will move on to the November general election. Mayor Geri McCaleb is being challenged by Councilman Mike Fritz and Nichol Stack.

Voters in Ferrysburg will also be selecting two of the three mayoral candidates for the Nov. 7 election. Mayor Dan Ruiter is being challenged by councilwomen Rebecca Hopp and Regina Sjoberg.

The only other municipality in Northwest Ottawa County to have an election Tuesday is the Village of Spring Lake, where voters will see a single proposal on the ballot. They will be asked if the Village Charter should be amended to include a mechanism by which the village can be disincorporated.

Remember, should the proposal be approved by voters, it doesn’t mean the village will be dissolved; it only means that a petition could be taken up to create a path for such a serious question on a future ballot.

So, residents of the Tri-Cities: Get out and vote Tuesday! And check grandhaventribune.com Tuesday night for the election results.

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