Meet Mrs. Tejchma’s fourth-grade class

Krystle Wagner • Jun 2, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Each Friday on the pages of the Tribune and online at grandhaventribune.com, we will highlight a Classroom of the Week.

This feature sheds light on the work students and teachers are doing, and it lets the community know what makes each class special.

Teacher's name: Mrs. Andrea Tejchma

Number of students: 21

School: Ferry

Grade: Fourth

What makes your classroom special?

Our classroom is special because we have been together for two years. I had the opportunity to loop with this class from third to fourth grade. The bond you form with a student over a two-year period is significant. The students in our class have built a relationship with one another that is more like family than classmates.

Student responses: Each other and the hard work we bring into this classroom.

What is your classroom's motto?

Change your Words, Change your Mindset!

Student responses: Change our mindset, try our best, give it our all, say I can’t do it YET!

What is your classroom the most proud of?

Our classroom community and the rapport we have built with one another.

Student responses: Listening to each other, being successful, never giving up, working together, holding ourselves accountable inside and outside of our school.

Fun fact about your classroom:

We have joined forces with Mrs. Russell’s fourth-grade class for reading, writing, science, and social studies. The impact this has made on our students is remarkable. Team teaching has proven to be effective for all students.

Student responses: Every Month is Reading Month! Each month has a specific theme and we participate in fun activities and have delicious snacks. For example, we had “Diving Into a Good Book” and we brought beach towels and sunglasses to read outside. We also had “Camp Read S’more” and we had a pretend campfire and ate a s'mores snack.

What would you like the community to know?

We would really like the community to know that the students here work hard, care about our school family, and are proud of who they are and who they have become.

Student Responses: How smart and hard-working we are, that we are focused, and that we are good problem-solvers.

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