Meet Ms. Deur’s kindergarten class

Krystle Wagner • Oct 27, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Each Friday on the pages of the Tribune and online, the Tribune will highlight a Classroom of the Week.

This feature sheds light on the work students and teachers are doing, and it lets the community know what makes each class special.

Here’s more about this week’s featured classroom:

Teacher: Ms. Mikaela Deur

Grade: Kindergarten

School: Grand Haven Christian School

What makes your classroom special? Our school offers three different options for kindergarten: five day, three day, and progressive. What’s unique about our classroom is that all three of those options combine together to make one class. Some students are here every day, and some will add Tuesday and Thursday as the year progresses, while some stay with three days all year. This is fun for me because it gives me the chance to do more enrichment activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays and kids get more hands on experience with the concepts that they are learning on those core days. For example, we’ve had fun recently working with the idea of push and pull, and my five-day students have gotten to do some S.T.E.M. challenges where they are able to apply what they are learning in class about motion.

In addition to the curriculum, what are some things you teach your students? It is such a privilege to be at Grand Haven Christian, where faith is at the very core of who we are as a school. I get the chance to teach in such a way that everything my students learn is within the light of our faith as Christians. To be able to wonder aloud at God’s goodness and acknowledge his creativity all throughout our school day is truly a gift.

What special project is your classroom working on now? This year I’ve had the chance to introduce a new science curriculum to my students. We are currently using a Battle Creek Science Kit to explore motion. Each science lesson, I ask my students a different essential question about motion, which they are then challenged to answer by experimenting with different tools. They absolutely love when we get our kit out because they know they’ll get to have a hands on experience with their learning as they work to answer the question for the day.

How is your classroom involved with the community? One of the most important skills that we learn in kindergarten is how to be a good friend. We talk a lot about how to treat others with kindness and respect, which are skills that my students will carry with them into the community. We have been discussing the fruits of the spirit in devotions lately, which gives us chances to talk about how we can show love, kindness, and goodness to our neighbors. My students will also have chances throughout the year to participate in service projects, where they learn the importance of using what they have been given to serve others.

How do you hope what your students are learning now will affect their future? Kindergarten is so important because it’s where the foundation is laid for a student’s education. We are constantly practicing what it looks like to be independent workers and not to give up, even when things are challenging. My hope for my students is that they will carry these skills with them as they move forward and that they go with the knowledge that God is with them every step of the way.

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