3 GH teams headed to state competition

Becky Vargo • Mar 19, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Grand Haven High School and Lakeshore Middle School took first place in their divisions at the 34th Annual Michigan Science Olympiad Region 12 tournament on Saturday at Grand Valley State University.

White Pines Intermediate School placed fourth in the middle school division.

All three Grand Haven Area Public Schools teams will advance to the state competition set for April 28 at Michigan State University.

The top eight high school teams and the top 12 middle school teams advance to the tournament.

Teams from 40 middle schools and 26 high schools in Kent, Muskegon and Ottawa counties participated at the event.

This is the 33rd consecutive year for Grand Haven High School to compete at the tournament. It is their 26th regional championship, according to Coach Mike Reed.

“The team score of 60 points for Grand Haven High School tied our third best performance at the regional tournament,” Reed said.

The high school team received medals (given to the top six places) in 22 of the 23 events in the tournament.

The Lakeshore Middle School team performed at a high level and ended the day in first place with a score of 62 points (low score wins) or an average of 2.7 points per event, according to Coach Nathan Mihalek. Second place went to Allendale Middle School with 134 points. White Pines Intermediate placed fourth overall with a total of 166 points.

The team participated in 23 events where individual competitors were awarded medals for those in first thru eighth place.

“Lakeshore was able to earned medals in all 23 team events as well as two additional trial events,” Mihalek said.

“The students really showed their dedication, skill, and teamwork this weekend,” Mihalek said. “They represented Grand Haven and should be proud of all that they have accomplished.”

White Pines Intermediate School team members represented Grand Haven well scoring a total of 166 points earning 20 out of 25 medals, according to Coach Rhonda Bird.

“This is the most medals won since we have been an intermediate school,” Bird said. “They earned fourth place out of 40 teams in our region. We will now be studying hard to have a great showing at the state tournament.”

Only the top two teams from the state tournament will be selected to go to Nationals.

“I couldn’t be prouder of them,” Bird said. “It was a very exciting day. 

Middle School Teams advancing to the State Tournament

1. Lakeshore Middle School; 2. Allendale Middle School; 3. Chandler Woods Charter Academy; 4. White Pines Intermediate School; 5. Plymouth Christian Middle School; 6. Northern Hills Middle School; 7. East Grand Rapids Middle School; 8. Harbor Lights Middle School; 9. Macatawa Bay Middle School; 10. Riley Street Middle School; 11. Grandville Middle School; 12. Forest Hills Central Middle School; 13. Zion Christian Middle School,  alternate

High School Teams advancing to the State Tournament

1. Grand Haven High School, 60; 2. Forest Hills Central High School, 80; 3. West Ottawa High School, 144; 4. Allendale High School, 160; 5. Grand Rapids Christian High School, 172; 6. Plymouth Christian High School, 179; 7. Forest Hills Northern High School, 202; 8. West Michigan Aviation Academy, 211; 9. Wyoming Senior High, alternate.

Grand Haven High School competitors earning medals were: 

Disease Detectives: Natalie Currie, Noah Merriman; Dynamic Planet: Carter Brown, Trent Stegink; Ecology: Carter Brown, Jasmine Wang; Fermi Questions: Noah Merriman, John Richardson; Helicopters: Nolan Ruble, Noah Van Abbema; Herpetology: Carter Brown, Matthew Marcus; Microbe Mission: Carter Brown, John Richardson; Mission Possible: Thomas Draper, Nolan Ruble; Optics: Noah Merriman, John Richardson; Thermodynamics: Brenner Kar, John Richardson; and Towers: Thomas Draper, Noah Van Abbema.

Second Place (2 points each)

Anatomy and Physiology: Natalie Currie, Kendal Kroes

Astronomy: Matthew Marcus, Cam Pikaart

Experimental Design: Kendal Kroes, Noah Merriman, Noah Van Abbema

Forensics: Kiya Hammond, Nolan Ruble

Remote Sensing: John Richardson, Trent Stegink

Rocks and Minerals: Kiya Hammond, Trent Stegink

Third Place (3 points each)

Chemistry Lab: Brenner Kar, Kendal Kroes

Mousetrap Vehicle: Thomas Draper, Noah Van Abbema

Fourth Place (4 points each)

Game On: Ronald Hodge, Jasmine Wang

Hovercraft: Thomas Draper, Ronald Hodge

Fifth Place (5 points)

Materials Science: Kendal Kroes, Trent Stegink

Eighteenth Place (18 points)

Write It, Do It: Jasmine Wang, Matthew Marcus

Trial Events (not for points)

Second Place - Pentathlon: Valerie Bobeldyk, Grace Doyon, Sam Hager, Tess O’Leary

Second Place - Source Code: Ronald Hodge, Jasmine Wang

Other members of the high school team are: Ian Dean, Elizabeth Hodge, Lindsey Hubbell, Sophia Jaeger, Samantha

Kasbohm, Bennett Lowe, William Mayfield, Maddy Streng and Morgan Womack.

Mike Reed is the head coach and the assistant coaches are Luke Anderson, Todd Diederichsen, Eric Dykstra, David

Funk, Greg Huizenga, Jason Hunter, George Jaeger, Nate Kepler, Melissa Moerland, Bob Monetza, Julie Olson,

Margaret Shay, Robert Shay, Dennis Striegle, Dan Tlachac, Marcella Weldon, and Jeremey Wilder.

Lakeshore Middle School teammates earning medals were:

Anatomy and Physiology - Lucas Bergman; Crime Busters - Sammi Ruble and Jacob Marcus; Herpetology - Max Tran and Chase Greene; Meteorology - Chase Greene and Noah TenHagen; Microbe Mission - Lucas Bergman and Carl Jaeger; Optics - Lucas Bergman and Jacob Marcus; Potions and Poisons - Carl Jaeger and Sammi Ruble; Solar System - Jacob Marcus and Noah TenHagen; Thermodynamics - Frank Roberts and Zach Bauer; and Towers - Charlie VanAbbema and Sammi Ruble.

2nd Place:

Disease Detectives - Peyton Brill and Aashray Mandala

Ecology - Peyton Brill and Aashray Mandala

Rocks and Minerals - Carl Jaeger and Max Tran

3rd Place:

Experimental Design - Peyton Brill, Carl Jaeger, Charlie Van Abbema

Hovercraft - Frank Roberts and Noah TenHagen

4th Place:

Fast Facts - Sammi Ruble and Charlie Van Abbema

Mystery Architecture - Jacob Marcus and Charlie Van Abbema

Roller Coaster - Frank Roberts and Grant Bell

Wright Stuff - Charlie Van Abbema and Noah TenHagen

5th Place:

Dynamic Planet - Frank Roberts and Chase Greene

6th Place:

Battery Buggy - Sammi Ruble and Jacob Marcus

Road Scholar - Chase Greene and Wil Stegink

Source Code (Trial Event) - Kaitlin Zylstra and Zach Bauer

7th Place:

Write it, Do it - Peyton Brill and Wil Stegink

Pentathlon (Trial Event) - Jaxon Hancock, Micah Hammond, Paige Meller, and Olivia Stevens

White Pines competitors earning medals were:

Anatomy – Kyla Streng and Cale Currie; Dynamic Planet – Hannah Black and Ryan Bell; Fast Facts – Kyla Streng and Cale Currie; Herpetology – Jake Roberson and Gordon Schneider; Optics – Joey Mazor and Jake Roberts; *Pentathlon – Savannah Dean, Avery O’Brien, Luka LaPointe, and Dylan Wunder; *Source Code – Dylan Wunder and Simon Van Abbema; and Towers – Sawyer Van Abbema and Ryan Bell.

3rd Place

Microbe Mission – Justin Hancock and Sofiia Svyryd

Rocks and Minerals – Joey Mazor and Sofiia Svyryd

Wright Stuff – Jsaiah Salik and Sawyer Van Abbema

4th Place

Road Scholar – Hannah Black and Cale Currie

5th Place

Crime Busters – Kyla Streng and Julianna Porath

6th Place

Experimental Design – Joey Mazor, Connor Gabel, and Jake Roberts

Hovercraft – Connor Gabel and Robert Greene

Mystery Architecture – Kyla Streng and Sawyer Van Abbema

Potions and Poisons – Hannah Black and Justin Hancock

Thermodynamics – Joey Mazor and Robert Greene

8th Place

Meteorology- Jake Roberson and Ryan Bell

Roller Coaster – Justin Hancock and Jake Roberts

12th Place

Disease Detectives – Hannah Black and Justin Hancock

16 th Place

Battery Buggy – Justin Hancock and Sawyer Van Abbema

Solar System – Joey Mazor and Julianna Porath

22nd Place

Ecology – Ryan Bell and Robert Greene

24th Place

Write it – Do it – Hannah Black and Kyla Streng

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