Courtyard Concert features Bowersox, Glier

Becky Vargo • Oct 26, 2015 at 8:54 PM

American Idol 2010 runner-up Crystal Bowersox told a crowd of several hundred people in a Spring Lake Village parking lot that she has a 6-year-old son.

“I’m 30 and I have a mini van with stickers from his school on it,” she said as she introduced one of her songs during the Courtyard Concert Sunday afternoon in the parking lot next to Seven Steps Up.

“I tell him home is not a place, it’s where you are, and I’m feeling at home here tonight,” she told the cheering crowd.

Grammy-nominated singer Seth Glier warmed up the crowd with blind saxophonist Joe Nerney.

Glier then joined Bowersox, accompanying her on keyboard, guitar and accordian.

Following his 45-minute performance, Glier said he feels like his fans in West Michigan have become his family.

“I can look out in the crowd and see 30 people I know by first name,” he said. “And I know all about their families.”

Glier said when you are doing 250 shows a year “coming to a town like this really anchors you.”

Bowersox smiled and joked with the crowd as her guitar died after her first song.

“It was brand new,” she said of the battery as she traded for a different guitar, only to find out her amplifier wasn’t working either.

“I guess I was rocking so hard, I broke my amp,” she said. “Rock and Roll!”

A couple of jokes later and the singer, songwriter from the Toledo, Ohio area was off and running.

Several hundred people filled the parking lot next to host Seven Steps Up, enjoying food and drink while they waited for the performances to begin.

Jim and Janet O’Brien traveled two hours from Irons to see Bowersox for Jim’s 75th birthday.

“We tried to see her a couple of years ago in Bay City, but had to turn around because of something that happened with the family,” Janet said.

“We voted for her so many times on American Idol,” she added.

The couple sat off the side of the stage under the shade of a tree, mostly to stay out of the sun, but also in hopes of getting a closer glimpse of the singer.

Seven Steps Up owner Gary Hanks said they pre-sold 500 tickets for the concert which was a benefit for Courtyard Concerts - a non-profit used to bring nationally-known acts to the community at reasonable prices.

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