‘A fun way of displaying what we love’

Krystle Wagner • Jul 30, 2016 at 8:00 AM

Bright colors and patterns on quilts are on display during the 22nd annual Lighthouse Quilt Guild’s show.

This year’s “My Michigan”-themed show continues 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, 901 Columbus Ave. Admission is $6.

Show co-chairwoman Karen Katje said she believes this is one of the best shows they’ve had. The show is part of the Coast Guard Festival, and she was thankful to the Lighthouse Quilt Guild members for their efforts and for helping set up the show.

“It’s a fun way of displaying what we love,” said Lynn Koster, another Quilt Show co-chairwoman.

Although Lily Ver Duin isn’t new to quilting, it’s the first year she’s entered a project into the show.

Ver Duin, 7, spent several months working on the “Happy Chicken” quilt that features a chicken singing in front of the sun.

The young Grand Haven resident said she drew a picture of a chicken on her last day of art class, and it inspired her design.

Ver Duin said she was “really happy” to have her hard work on display for community members and visitors to enjoy.

Before leaving the show, Peter Ver Duin was able to demonstrate equipment.

Peter, 9, had previously hand-sewn a mini-tie for his stuffed giraffe, and he made a Harry Potter cloak with buttons and a hood.

Peter, brother of Lily, said his mom and grandma are both quilters.

As Peter looked around Friday’s show, he said he thought it was nice to have a place where people could showcase their hard work and interests each year.

The endless possibilities are what Peter enjoys about quilting.

“That it’s open-ended, and there’s no limits to it,” he said.

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