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Divas dine at The Grill Room

• Dec 29, 2015 at 5:00 PM

The Lakeshore Dining Divas decided to gather at The Grill Room in downtown Grand Haven following this year’s well-attended Jingle Bell Parade.

They smartly made reservations.

The Grill Room is part of the the Kirby Grill combine at 2 Washington Ave. 

“After Santa and Mrs. Claus made a pass through downtown, we were ready to come in from the cold and glad we had a reservation in place at The Grill Room,” the divas wrote in their latest blog review. “Our server, Cole, was especially cheerful and very attentive. We were glad our guest diva, Barbara Lee, brought her friend and (Extended Grace) board president, Kendra Higgins, to join our adventure. As always, we included some fine dining with our group discussion.

“Bari and Kelle decided an appetizer and half a salad would be enough for dinner. Nancy, Barbara and Kendra treated themselves to a succulent entree. We noticed the side dishes are an extra charge (Kendra had a whopping serving of mashed potatoes with her pork tenderloin) and they are plentiful. As in, we think it's possible to make a meal out of a couple side dishes (hint, next time!).”

Read the rest of the review and see the photos: “The Grill Room in Grand Haven with Guest Diva Barbara Lee

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