Local Punt, Pass and Kick competition continues despite NFL withdrawal

Tribune Staff • Sep 30, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Many local varsity football players likely have fond memories of participating in an NFL Punt, Pass and Kick program as children. Unfortunately, the National Football League is no longer supporting these competitions, which originated in 1961.

Locally, the Northwest Ottawa Recreation Authority has hosted a Punt, Pass and Kick competition for years, and when they received the news that the program would no longer be supported by the NFL, they decided it was too strong of a community event to just let it go by the wayside with the rest of the competitions nationally.

Tri-Cities Kiwanis members felt the same way and decided to step up as the sponsors for this year’s event.

Almost 30 boys and girls, ages 6-13, were able to measure themselves against their peers in a fun, free, local competition at the Lakeshore Middle School football stadium on Sept. 24. Grand Haven varsity head football coach Joe Nelson was at the event to support the program, as well as several Buccaneer football players, Grand Haven High School National Honors Society volunteers and parent volunteers.

Participants got to spend some time warming up and practicing their punts, passes and kicks with parents and the Bucs football players before the competition began at 2 p.m.

“Overall, it was a fantastic turnout for this event. It was a hot day, but we provided plenty of water and tried to move through everyone as quickly as possible,” said NORA recreation programmer Jackie Rowland. “I am so appreciative of all the volunteers and to the Tri-Cities Kiwanis for showing their support for a fun, free program.

“Without having to be an official NFL event, we were able to change some things up and provide a program that is a great fit for the Grand Haven community. The biggest change was having pre-registrations in advance of the program. That allowed us to be prepared for the number of kids arriving and made it run smoothly with less waiting around than years past.”

According to Rowland, NORA will continue to offer this program for as long as the community is willing to sponsor and participate in it.


Ages 6-7


1st Place — Declan Dora (Grand Haven Twp.) — 90’5

2nd Place — Drew Green (Grand Haven Twp.) — 85’10

3rd Place —William Herrygers (Grand Haven Twp.) — 85’1

Ages 8-9


1st Place — Addie Schmidt (Spring Lake) — 76’4


1st Place —Bryant Taylor (Grand Haven Twp.) —176’10

2nd Place — Ike Thomas (Nunica) —160’2

3rd Place — Ben Moeggenborg (Grand Haven) — 101’1

4th Place — Reid Berry (Port Sheldon Twp.) — 94’3

5th Place — Joey Schmidt (Spring Lake) — 93’10

6th Place — Kaiden Porter (Grand Haven Twp.) — 80’8

7th Place — Kayden Smith (Grand Haven Twp.) — 53’

8th Place — Landon Porter (Grand Haven Twp.) — 51’3

Ages 10-11


1st Place — Hannah Taylor (Grand Haven Twp.) —150’9

2nd Place — Gabby Moeggenborg (Grand Haven) — 127’6


1st Place — Nathan Dodd (Muskegon) —243’5

2nd Place —Carson Osborn (Port Sheldon Twp.) —223’5

3rd Place — Josiah Lugo (Grand Haven Twp.) —201’4

4th Place — Camden Nelson (Grand Haven Twp.) —196’8

5th Place — Jacob Petterson (Grand Haven) —196’5

6th Place — Trey VanderWal (Port Sheldon Twp.) —179’10

7th Place — Luke Berry (Port Sheldon Twp.) — 163”11

8th Place — Carson Hardy (Robinson Twp.) — 121’11

Ages 12-13


1st Place — Annie Schmidt (Spring Lake) —118’8


1st Place — Toby Robbins (Grand Haven Twp.) — 245’1

2nd Place —Q. Lorenz (Grand Haven) — 135’

3rd Place — Brody Dora (Grand Haven Twp.) —133’9

4th Place — Dylan Miller (Grand Haven Twp.) — 123’10

5th Place — Ethan Green (Grand Haven Twp.) — 102’2

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