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How to avoid heatstroke

By Shikha Sharma/TSN Wire • Jun 11, 2017 at 8:00 AM

When summer peaks, can heatstroke be far behind? A heatstroke is caused when the body is unable to cope with excessive heat through its natural cooling mechanisms. It can lead to serious illness.

Symptoms among children, infants and babies include sluggishness, listlessness, a dry tongue, a warm body, lack of tears when crying and dry skin. This condition can be aggravated if the child is suffering from loose motions and is dehydrated.

Among the elderly, symptoms include drowsiness, dry and hot skin, little or no sweating and a dry tongue. A heatstroke can also be precipitated due to a combination of excessive heat, blood pressure and heart issues. The use of diuretics, or a kidney problem may add to the vulnerability.

However, heatstroke can be prevented. Here’s how...

For children

Keep the child hydrated at all times. For small babies, mother’s milk is the best solution. Sugary juices and aerated drinks are a complete no. Always carry clean water with you.

Never leave a child in a parked car. The temperatures rise rapidly and can even be fatal.

Make your child wear a sun hat when outdoors and use only loose cotton clothing.

For adults

Cover your head with a dupatta/scarf, or use an umbrella when outside.

Carry a flask of water and pouches of electrolyte powder always.

Consult your doctor about possible heat-related side effects of your medicines.

In case of a heatstroke

1. Raise both legs with some support (pillow or rolled sheets)

2. Sponge the forehead, armpits and soles of the feet with cold water

3. Continuously fan the person

4. Let the person sip cool water slowly

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