United Healthcare patients to have continued coverage at Health Pointe

Krystle Wagner • Mar 5, 2018 at 8:00 AM

GRAND HAVEN TWP. — When Spectrum Health physicians begin seeing patients at their new facility today, patients insured with United Healthcare will continue to be covered.

In the weeks leading up to Health Pointe’s opening at 15100 Whittaker Way in Grand Haven Township, patients insured by United Healthcare received letters informing them their physician would be considered “out of network.” 

In a statement that was also posted on their Facebook page, Health Pointe officials say that has since been corrected: “Health Pointe recently reached agreement with United Healthcare,” the statement reads. “Patients covered by United Healthcare are being informed that their providers will continue to accept this insurance at the new Health Pointe facility. Patients will receive care at Health Pointe starting Monday, March 5.”

Health Pointe officials didn’t respond to questions seeking more information about the issue.

Ferrysburg residents Keith and Mary De Witt are among local residents who received the letter from Health Pointe. Keith De Witt, 63, said he was in a “state of shock” when he read the initial letter that their health insurance wouldn’t be accepted.

Since having United Healthcare since 2011, De Witt said he’s never experienced problems with his health care insurance. He has been a Spectrum Health patient for 10 years and with his physician for longer, before his doctor joined Spectrum Health.

Leading up to Health Pointe’s opening, De Witt said he looked forward to the new facility and all of the services he needs being in one building.

When learning about the update between Health Pointe and United Healthcare, De Witt said it was good news.

“That makes my day,” he said. “It makes my year.”

Before the agreement, De Witt said he was faced with two options — find a new doctor or pay out of pocket.

De Witt said he missed the window on the exchange to find a physician in-network, and he didn’t want to switch insurance companies because he was unsure what would happen to his premium. Ultimately, De Witt said he would have opted to continue seeing his doctor and pay the out-of-network expense.

After looking at his medical plan, De Witt said his deductible would have gone from $5,000 in-network to $10,000 for an out-of-network doctor. He said it would have been “quite the financial impact.”

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