Hammocking etiquette

Samantha Lewakowski • Jul 19, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Walking through the parks and along the waterfront of Coast Guard City, USA and you may notice a relatively new phenomena — people of all ages suspended and swinging in the air.

Spring Lake High School graduates Megan Harken and Kenzie Price are avid hammockers.

“I really enjoy being outside whenever I can, and hammocking lets me be outside and relax during the time I have off of work,” Harken said.

Price and Harken frequent a variety of spots in the Tri-Cities, but their favorite is Rosy Mound Natural Area in Grand Haven Township.

“Hammocking is an acceptable excuse for being lazy — everyone just lays around, but it’s called hammocking,” Price said. “I love it. I do really like the hike that we usually do before setting up to hammock, though.”

Follow these Tribune guidelines and become a ‘mocking aficionado:

DO use public property.

DON’T block free movement.

DON’T cause any damage to nature, especially trees.

DO check out Grand Haven’s best ‘mocking spot along the channel.

DON’T camp out overnight.

DO suspend safely. Double-check the straps before hopping in!

DO stay on marked trails throughout parks.

DON’T use the catwalk on the pier. This obstructs the natural flow of people.

DO lay back, relax and have fun.

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