Grand Haven Tribune: Voices, hallucinations plagued mother found dead with her 3 daughters

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Voices, hallucinations plagued mother found dead with her 3 daughters

WZZM-TV • Feb 20, 2019 at 6:39 PM

SOLON TWP. — The autopsies have been completed after the Kent County Sheriff's Office said a 28-year-old mother killed her three daughters and herself.

Deputies said the evidence shows that Aubrianne Moore shot and killed her daughters.

All four of them were found shot to death Monday afternoon at a home on 19 Mile Road in Solon Township, in northern Kent County. She used a bolt-action hunting-style rifle, police said.

After the shootings, Moore loaded the children’s bodies into her vehicle and drove them home to the 200 block of 19 Mile Road N.E. before turning the gun on herself outside of the vehicle.

Police identified the three daughters as Alaina Rau, 2; Cassidy Rodery, 6; and Kyrie Rodery, 8.

Moore had a history of mental illness marked by hallucinations and schizophrenia, according to court records. She was hospitalized at Forest View Hospital in Grand Rapids for more than a week in September 2018, per a court order. A Forest View doctor wrote that Moore was a danger to herself and was unable to tend to her own basic needs at the time.

A petition for mental health treatment in Newaygo County Probate Court called for Moore to receive up to 90 days of treatment, including hospitalization. In the petition, a physician diagnosed Moore with unspecified schizophrenia, noting that she was hearing and seeing things. Moore also stopped eating due to extreme paranoia that her food was being poisoned.

"Aubrianne is keeping her kids home from school because the television told her there would be a school accident today," a social worker wrote in the petition.

Moore laid awake at night believing people would break into her home, the social worker wrote.

Brandon Rodery, the father of the two oldest girls, said Moore struggled with postpartum depression following the birth of her now 2-year-old.

Moore is remembered by family members as a loving mother who struggled with mental illness. In a Facebook message, the two oldest girls' grandmother said Moore was a “beautiful girl.”

"She loved those girls so much. I am sure she thought she was protecting them," wrote Ann Graham. "The girls adored Mommy. They understood Mommy was ill and loved her through it."

According to Tri-County Area Schools Superintendent Allen Cummings, Moore had custody of her children.

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