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Are you kidding me?

• Nov 12, 2015 at 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I just finished reading the article in the Tribune about the candidates for the City Council seats. It is so very disappointing that Josh Brugger is the only candidate that spoke about affordable housing in the Tri-Cities. Mr. Cramer, Mr. Fritz and Mr. Hierholzer: What are you thinking? Look beneath the pretty picture and what you will see is the reality of what Grand Haven is.

Grand Haven has poor people and some that are fighting to keep their heads above water. But look at the biggest farce.

Affordable housing: When was the last time you read the paper and classifieds — specifically, the properties for rent? If there are apartments or houses, they are either so expensive or they are summer rentals. I got lucky and am renting from a previous renter, but that is unheard of around here. There are families that struggle to make ends meet because of the high cost of homes or apartments; those same families must rely on the food pantries and the food trucks. These are such a blessing and so necessary. When was the last time you went out and watched as 100-200 people showed up at a food truck? Is this the beauty you talked about? Did you know that we have teens that are homeless? Please feel free stick your collective heads back in the sand.

The tears that fall every day over not being able to qualify for assistance are real tears. These people put their pants on the same way as you all. I am tired of hearing how well the city is doing. How can you possibly represent the very people you have muted in the interest of not rocking the boat? I would love it if you three could take a walk in the shoes of just one of those who are invisible to you.

Rebecca Wait

Grand Haven

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