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Public hearing Monday, Nov. 16

• Nov 12, 2015 at 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I would like to address the conditionally rezoning of the parcel 70-03-14-377-007 from a single-family residential district to a public and semi-public district. This zoning change, if approved, could have a long-term negative effect on the village that I believe council has not considered.

I respectfully bring to Village Council’s attention our numerous residential neighborhoods throughout the village. It is these neighborhoods and the working class families living in the village limits. Paying property taxes, volunteering on many local boards, renovating their homes and raising children that make our community what it is today. Along with our reputations as a unique and quaint historical village, this building block is something that deserves to not only be protected but also respected by those in public office. Approving this rezoning request directly threatens our neighborhoods and the characteristics of the village.

Over the past few years, decisions from past and present council members along with the Master Plan has greatly improved not only our village financial picture, but also our population. Allowing a recent and much-appreciated reduction in local property taxes, but these achievements and characteristics of the village could be at risk if the above zoning request is approved.

Many local residents will now question just how secure their neighborhoods will be from changing from a residential district to public. Will this one act set precedent for future considerations by Village Council? Does this open a new assortment of problems?

The special interest of the Village Council must be that of the residents living in the village and reflected by those in public office, not those living outside of our village limit. The voices and concerns of the majority living in our neighborhoods must be first heard, respected and honored. I respectfully ask Council to protect the characteristic of our village and those of our residential neighborhoods. For once they are gone, it is too late.

William Filber

Spring Lake

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