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Appreciates city sidewalk plow

• Jan 25, 2016 at 4:00 PM

To the Editor:

I want to commend our city public works department for the new sidewalk plow equipment that is doing a very effective job in our neighborhood. The new plow has been by our house before 9 a.m. after each significant snowfall.

In the past, sidewalk plowing in our neighborhood in the Slayton and Sheldon area was erratic at best. But this winter, the plowing has been dependable and uniform, not to mention complete along all streets, which allows us to walk our short, stumpy English Bulldog who doesn’t navigate deep snow.

I know it is each homeowner’s responsibility to clean the sidewalk in front of his property after each snow, but that’s just not happening. Busy schedules and early departures for work and school make it tough to get the shoveling or snow blowing done in a timely way. And on our block, several houses are second homes and the owners are not here much, if at all, during the winter, so those sidewalks are rarely shoveled. I know that is true for much of our city.

So, a big thank you to public works for their diligent sidewalk plowing, and also to our City Council that understands where to spend our tax dollars to greatly improve the quality of life in our terrific city.

Mac McClellan

Grand Haven

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