Local author pens political novel

Tribune Staff • Aug 7, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Name of book: “Dispute This! America is crumbling within; Working and existing in today’s society; Our steps to help workers”

Author: Patricia Meyer and staff

Literary gene: Non-fiction

Available at: The Bookman, Grand Haven, or by order through Patricia Meyer, P.O. Box 112, West Olive, MI 49460.

Synopsis of the book: 

Society and economic changes have affected health care, jobs and retirement in all sectors of America. We explore how current changes in political philosophy may bring about major changes for all Americans, especially those with lower incomes.

The workplace has changed over the last 20 years. We look at what is happening to both the white and blue collar workers in today's job market, what types of jobs will be available in the future, and how to prepare oneself for these changes.

Corporations and unions have influenced what is happening in our government and our economy, not always to the betterment of our citizens.

Changes in the American auto industry have affected both white and blue collar employees and retirees. Workers tell their stories about how the corporations and the United Auto Workers have become more of a partnership, or a “company union,” leaving their working members and retirees without the representation they expect and deserve from their union.

We look to the future and what changes need to be made to preserve our society and jobs for our children and grandchildren. Come join our journey as we look at what is happening in our society today and how our past is reflected in our present and our future. Hold on to your hat. It promises to be an eye-opening journey.

Why did you write the book?

I wrote this book to bring to light what is really happening in society today to both the white and blue collar workers. Young people are confused and don't know what type of training or schooling they should pursue for employment in the future. I try to answer their questions along with providing important information about our society today, how it affects our daily lives and the steps we can take to improve things for the future.

I bring to light what it is really like to work in the auto industry today. The American automakers and the UAW are working hand in hand. What is happening to workers is being very carefully hidden. They do not feel that they are being represented properly by the very organization that they pay their dues to and by whom they should be supported. Retirees have no vote and fear the loss of health care and pensions at the most vulnerable time of their lives.

Their stories need to be told.

About the author: Patricia Meyer is a retired postal worker and a past bargaining representative of the postal union. In 2005, Pat received the Mother Jones Award in St. Louis, Missouri, for assisting workers. When one of her daughters, who worked for General Motors, needed help getting transferred back to Michigan, Pat became involved in the auto manufacturing community. She eventually organized the Uniting All Workers (UAW) Concern, and later its political arm, Laws Inc., a non-profit organization working for American workers, retirees and their families. 

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