Paragliding Grand Haven

Becky Vargo • Dec 8, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Temperatures are expected to stay above normal this week, but rain might rule out Bill Pushaw’s chance to fly again until at least Friday.

The Grand Haven man was seen flying his powered paraglider over Grand Haven late Sunday afternoon.

Pushaw says he wants to take advantage of every opportunity he can to get for more flying hours since taking up the sport a couple of years ago.

Sunday was mainly a practice session for takeoffs and landings, he said. The lack of wind was causing him a little trouble.

“It’s hard to start without wind,” Pushaw said as his brother, Tom Pushaw, helped line up his wing in the recreation field on Harbor Island. “Two to 5 mph winds is perfect for takeoff.”

Tom Pushaw helped his brother check his equipment, and then pulled the cord to start the motor Bill wore on his back. Tom pulled out a video camera as his brother took to the air. Bill said that was so he could see what he was doing and correct anything he was doing wrong.

Bill Pushaw bought his equipment and trained to fly in California.

“It’s a little surreal,” he said of his 25 mph glide over the area. “It’s not so much a thrill-seeking adventure as it is an exploration.”

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