Home repair leads to $25K donation to Walk the Beat

Matt DeYoung • Jan 19, 2016 at 6:00 PM

A local family was certainly in the holiday spirit this past year. 

Shortly before Christmas, Grand Haven’s Nick and Liz Meints donated $25,000 to local music organization Walk The Beat.

Dave Palmer, director of Walk The Beat, agreed to help the Meints family build their home in exchange for a donation to the organization. 

The house, located at 307 Grand Ave., was originally owned by Nick Meints’ grandfather. It was sold to Nick’s father and then eventually to Nick. He wanted to update the house for himself and his new wife, Liz.

After an initial walkthrough and quick conversation, it was decided that it would be more cost effective to build a new home rather than to try to meet the Meintses’ original requests on the old house. 

Palmer, who owns a local flooring company and has been a building contractor in the area for the past 25 years, took on the job this past summer. After six months of removing the old house and rebuilding the new one, the task was completed.

When asked about payment, Palmer suggested that if the Meintses were happy with the work, they could just donate any amount they thought was proper to Walk The Beat. The Meintses happily agreed, and they were able to move in a week before Christmas.

Walk The Beat is dedicated to helping all levels of musicians in West Michigan.

“We are doing everything we can through the organization to ensure that any level of musician is getting what they need,” Palmer said. “If they need an instrument, we try to provide. If they need lessons, we try to provide. If they need a band, we try to provide. If they need recording, touring, anything we can do, we try and provide.”

Palmer said the Meintses’ donation is a tremendous boost to Walk The Beat.

“This $25,000 donation is allowing us to properly put the Walk The Beat event together and the Walk The Beat summer concert series,” Palmer said. “It allows us to get a big, big jump on the organization of these things so we can really work in a professional manner.”

Palmer was able to buy a computer for the office, as well as hire a “right-hand man” and office assistant.

“The rest goes into events and toward kids for lessons, etc.,” he said.

This year’s Walk The Beat event is scheduled for Aug. 20. 

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