Grand Haven Tribune: Lakeshore Science Olympiad team advances to nationals

Lakeshore Science Olympiad team advances to nationals

Becky Vargo • May 2, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Lakeshore Middle School will represent the Grand Haven area at Science Olympiad Nationals after taking second place in the middle school category at the state competition held Saturday at Michigan State University.

The top two teams in each division advance to the national meet.

Grand Haven High School placed fourth and White Pines Intermediate School took 10th place.

This was the high school team’s 31st consecutive year at the state competition.

Forty-eight high school teams (grades 10, 11 and 12) and 48 middle school teams (grades 6-9) competed at the state event.

Meads Mill of Northville, the first place team, will advance along with Lakeshore Middle School to the national event at University of Wisconsin-Stout, in Menomonie, Wis. on May 21.

The Northville school scored 139 points, while Lakeshore scored 166 points. Third place went to Slauson Middle School of Ann Arbor with 201 points.

White Pines Intermediate School’s team, made up of 6th and 7th-graders, scored 338 points, outscoring eight of the 10 middle school teams from their region that attended the state competition.

The top finishers in the high school division were: Northville, 102 points; Troy, 122 points; Detroit Country Day, 183 points; Grand Haven, 209 points; International Academy Central, 222 points and West Ottawa, 262 points 

Following are the team members and results for Lakeshore Middle School 

The following are a list of the members of the team.

State Competition Team

9th Grade: Valerie Bobeldyk, Thomas Draper, Brenner Kar, Matthew Marcus, and Nolan Ruble

8th Grade: Carter Brown, Natalie Currie, Grace Doyon, George Fullerton, Sam Hager, Kiya Hammond, Sophia Jaeger, Samantha Kasbohm, Maddy Streng, and Morgan Womack

Additional Team Members

Tess O'Leary, Matt Bays, Andrew Egerer, Elizabeth Hodge, Cameron Lakatos, Bennett Lowe, Kelsie McManus, Cameron Pikaart, and Gavin Plemon

While only 2 or 3 members of the team can compete, the other members of the team are all equally strong and our devices are built as a team.  We cannot be successful without the full team.  

Individual Event Rankings:

1st Place:

Bio-Process Lab: Valerie Bobeldyk and Carter Brown

Crime Busters: Sophia Jaeger and Nolan Ruble
Mission Possible: Thomas Draper and Kiya Hammond
Road Scholar: Brenner Kar and Matthew Marcus

2nd Place:

Bridges: Thomas Draper and Nolan Ruble

Crave the Wave:  George Fullerton and Brenner Kar

3rd Place:

Air Trajectory: Thomas Draper and Nolan Ruble
Elastic Launched Glider:  Thomas Draper and Grace Doyon

Meteorology: Brenner Kar and Samantha Kasbohm
Wind Power: Thomas Draper and Brenner Kar

4th Place:

Anatomy and Physiology:  Valerie Bobeldyk and Natalie Currie
Fossils: Carter Brown and Kiya Hammond

5th Place:

Dynamic Planet: Carter Brown and Brenner Kar

Food Science: Brenner Kar and Nolan Ruble

Reach for the Stars:  Matthew Marcus and Samantha Kasbohm

9th Place:

Disease Detectives: Valerie Bobeldyk and Matthew Marcus

10th Place:

Experimental Design: Kiya Hammond, Thomas Draper, Nolan Ruble

11th Place: Invasive Species: Carter Brown and Morgan Womack

12th Place: Bottle Rockets:  Thomas Draper and Sam Hager

16th Place: Green Generation: Samantha Kasbohm and Matthew Marcus

17th Place: Trial Event: Scource Code:Bennett Lowe, Elizabeth Hodge

18th Place: Scrambler: Grace Doyon and Nolan Ruble Picture This: Morgan Womack and Maddie Streng

29th Place:

Write it, Do it: Matthew Marcus and Valerie Bobeldyk

Following are the team members and results for White Pines Intermediate School:

State Competition Team

7th Grade: Peyton Brill, Jaxon Hancock, Frank Roberts, Sammi Ruble, and Justine Wolffis

6th Grade: Grant Bell, Chase Greene, Carl Jaeger, Aashray Mandala, Jacob Marcus, Wil Stegink, Maxwell Tran, Charlie VanAbbema, and Kaitlin Zylstra

Additional Team Members

Lucas Bergman, Micah Hammond, Marissa McManus, Paige Meller, Eva Ortiz, Megan Riopelle, Sophie Sanborn, Olivia Stevens, Lauren Streng, and Noah TenHagen

Individual Event Rankings:

1st Place:

Fossils: Carl Jaeger and Maxwell Tran
4th Place:

Crime Busters: Sammi Ruble and Justine Wolffis
6th Place:

Food Science: Jaxon Hancock and Carl Jaeger

7th Place:

Wind Power: Grant Bell and Frank Roberts

9th Place:

Mission Possible: Frank Roberts and Charlie VanAbbema

Air Trajectory: Chase Greene and Jaxon Hancock

Bridges: Sammi Ruble and Charlie VanAbbema

Green Generation: Jacob Marcus and Frank Roberts

10th Place:

Elastic Launched Glider:  Sammi Ruble and Charlie VanAbbema

Scrambler: Sammi Ruble and Charlie VanAbbema

12th Place:

Trial Event: Scource Code: Micah Hammond and Noah TenHagen

Write it, Do it: Sammi Ruble and Justine Wolffis 13th Place: Bottle Rockets:  Jacob Marcus and Kaitlin Zylstra 14th Place:

Disease Detectives: Peyton Brill and Jacob Marcus

Invasive Species: Carl Jaeger and Frank Roberts

Reach for the Stars:  Aashray Mandala and Jacob Marcus

17th Place: Dynamic Planet: Chase Greene and Carl Jaeger 19th Place:

Meteorology: Chase Greene and Aashray Mandala

22nd Place:
Picture This: Sammi Ruble and Justine Wolffis
24th Place:

Experimental Design: Peyton Brill, Carl Jaeger, Charlie VanAbbema
25th Place:

Bio-Process Lab: Jaxon Hancock and Aashray Mandala
26th Place:
Road Scholar: Jacob Marcus and Wil Stegink 31st Place:

Crave the Wave:  Aashray Mandala and Frank Roberts

33rd Place:
Anatomy and Physiology:  Aashray Mandala and Justine Wolffis

The events, competitors, and places for Grand Haven High School were:

First Place

Electric Vehicle: Noah Van Abbema, Connor Weber

Invasive Species: Anna Jullie, John Richardson

Second Place

Disease Detectives: John Richardson, Emily Stringham

Protein Modeling: Leah Chappell, Emily Stringham, Maiya Yu

Write It Do It: Jasmine Wang, Maiya Yu

Third Place

Experimental Design: Haley Kalis, Emily Stringham, Ciana Witherell

Fourth Place

Anatomy and Physiology: Leah Chappell, John Richardson

Bridge Building: Noah Van Abbema, Ciana Witherell

Fossils: Haley Kalis, Trent Stegink

Sixth Place

Astronomy: Scott Bays, Travis Myers

GeoLogic Mapping: Haley Kalis, Trent Stegink

Seventh Place

Dynamic Planet: Haley Kalis, Trent Stegink

Robot Arm: Noah Van Abbema, Ciana Witherell

Ninth Place

Air Trajectory: Kaden Kar, Connor Weber

Chemistry Lab: Emily Stringham, Maiya Yu

12th Place

Cell Biology: Emily Stringham, Maiya Yu

13th Place

Forensics: Scott Bays, Anna Jullie

Hydrogeology: Trent Stegink, Jasmine Wang

18th Place

Wind Power: Noah Merriman, Travis Myers

19th Place

Wright Stuff: Noah Van Abbema, Connor Weber

21st Place

Green Generation: Scott Bays, Anna Jullie

It’s About Time: Travis Myers, Ciana Witherell

25th Place

Game On: Kaden Kar, Ciana Witherell

 Other Grand Haven team members include Ian Dean, Ronald Hodge, Fritz Jaeger, Kendal Kroes, William Mayfield, Natasha Robertson, Andrea VanDyke and Emma Wingard.

The head coach is Mike Reed and the assistant coaches are Luke Anderson, Eric Dykstra, David Funk, Greg Huizenga, Jason Hunter, George Jaeger, Robert Monetza, Melissa Moerland, Marcella Morrell, Julie Olson, Dennis Striegle, Margaret Shay, Dan Tlachac, Jim Vande Waa and Jeremey Wilder.

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