Lessons in robotics

Krystle Wagner • Aug 25, 2016 at 10:00 AM

William Mastenbrook threw his arm into the air and cheered, “Yes!” — celebrating the success of his Lego robot moving seamlessly after being connected to a programming sequence on a computer.

Mastenbrook, 7, and other children transformed their building-block creations into robots Wednesday during a special event called Lego Robotics for Kids, taught by the Sylvan Learning Center, at Spring Lake District Library.

“I’ve always wanted to create something that would move by itself,” said William’s brother, Jaxson Mastenbrook.

As children followed directions connecting Lego pieces, Kale Follett, 7, and Jeremiah Clawson, 6, worked closely together. Clawson said he signed up for the program “because Legos are so fun.”

Riley MacLachlan, 8, and Madeline Vink, 7, erupted into a fit of giggles when one robotic Lego bird smoothly rotated in a circle while another Lego bird moved sporadically. The girls repositioned a rubber band to see how placing it on different wheels would change each Lego creation’s movements.

MacLachlan said her favorite thing is to build with her many Legos at home, and adding the robotics component takes it to the next level.

“It’s just so awesome doing it,” she said. “It’s like making your own thing in a whole new way.”

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