Getting to Know: Duncan MacLean

Tribune Staff • Oct 15, 2016 at 12:00 PM

This is part of a regular feature, which will normally run on Saturdays, and will appear on the pages of the Grand Haven Tribune and online at grandhaventribune.com. We’ll sit down with a local personality and ask them several questions. 

This week, we’re featuring Duncan MacLean IV.

What’s your current job? Sports writer for the Grand Haven Tribune.

Readers would be surprised to learn that: I have, great trouble with comma placement.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you pick and why? Jerry Seinfeld, he is my idol, a hilarious genius.

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited? The Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

What are your hobbies? Reading, writing, camping and pensive bike rides.

What’s your favorite restaurant? Do I get bonus points for saying Ray’s?

Favorite book? “Variety of Disturbances” by Lydia Davis.

What class was the most beneficial to you? Creative writing, with a shout out to Rob Kenagy (professor at Hope College).

Have you ever met any celebrities? I went to a Journey concert once.

What’s your can’t-live-without piece of technology? My toaster oven and Spotify.

What’s your favorite app? Weather Underground.

If you weren’t in your current position, what would you like to do? Host a sports talk radio show.

If you could travel back in time to any certain era or event, when/where would you pick and why? The Roaring ‘20s, seems like a grand old time. I would hang out with Gatsby.

Who was the biggest influence on your life? My father, and clichés.

What’s your favorite movie or TV show? “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers;” TV: “Archer.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Do or do not, there is no try.

What do you love about West Michigan? Our world-class beaches and overly friendly people.  

Do you have any pets? No.

What’s at the top of your bucket list: Hike the John Muir trail.

What’s your pet peeve? Squatting in the left lane. 

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