Winterfest photography contest winners announced

Tribune Staff • Jan 28, 2017 at 9:00 AM

The winners of the Winterfest photography contest were announced during a ceremony at the Tri-Cities Historical Museum on Friday night. 

All first-prize photos will be on display in the museum’s front window beginning Monday, Jan. 30. 

All second-place and third-place photos, along with other entrees, are on display in Centennial Hall of the museum, 200 Washington Ave.

The winners of the 2017 contest are:

Adult Sports

1. Elizabeth Coats

2. Kathy Niergarth

3. Barb Poel

Adult People/Portraits

1. David DeHaan

2. Victoria Stark

3. Art LaFav

Adult Nature

1. Gary Galger

2. Joshua Joshua

3. (tie) David DeHaan, James Lukas

Adult Animals

1. James Lukas

2. Art LaFave

3. Don C. Wohlin

Adult Grand Haven Pier

1. Jason Helmer

2. Duane Schecter

3. David Artushin

Adult Buildings/Landmarks

1. Judy Kolka

2. Elizabeth Coats

3. Tricia Bernhard

Adult Altered Images

1. Mike Hoekwater

2. Gary Galger

3. James Lukas

Adult Other

1. Lisa Walker

2. Jerod Brown

3. James Lukas

Youth Sports

1. Sam Negen

2. David McMullen

Youth People/Portraits

1. Keegan Gendron

2. Sam Negen

Youth Nature

1. Keegan Gendron

2. Trevor Holleman

3. Logan Melcher

Youth Animals

1. David Slocum

2. Kayla Stuck

3. Jacob Hartman

Youth Pier

1. Kayla Stuck

2. Sam Negen

3. Lauren Morgan

Youth Altered Images

1. Keegan Gendron

2. Allyssa Walker

3. Allison Vantrepott

Youth Other

1. Keegan Gendron

2. Avery Lautenschlaeger

3. Nick Miller

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