Road work ahead

Alex Doty • Feb 8, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Grand Haven officials have put together the city’s street resurfacing plan for the year ahead.

The city’s Department of Public Works leader laid out the plan during a City Council work session Monday night. The plan includes streets that weren’t resurfaced this past fall.

“We did resurface one street last fall due to the residents’ need and want to have that done,” City Public Works Director Derek Gajdos said. “We did one and postponed the rest of them.”

City officials last year decided to forgo a fall resurfacing project due to the apparent low bidder being a company the city was unsatisfied with in a previous project. Also, the second-lowest bidder’s costs were 46 percent more than the engineers’ estimated costs for the project.

The projects that were delayed from last fall and are expected to be completed this spring include:

— Ohio Avenue: dead-end to Sheldon Road

— Arlington Avenue: dead-end to Hillcrest Street

— Marion Avenue: Sheldon to Hillcrest

— Orchard Avenue: dead-end to Sheldon

— Pine Court: dead-end to dead-end

— Duncan Court: dead-end to Sheldon

— Hillcrest: Park Avenue to Taylor Avenue

— Columbus Avenue: Despelder Street to Ferry Street

— Griffin Street: Jackson Street to Fulton Avenue

— Lake Avenue: Sherman Street to Woodlawn Avenue

— Elizabeth Street: dead-end to Lake Avenue

The plan also includes streets to be surfaced as part of the city’s fiscal year 2017-18 resurfacing list.

“We want to complete the 2017-18 resurfacing list in August and bid those now in our current fiscal year so we get some quantity pricing breaks,” Gajdos said. “We’ll have one project in two phases.”

By going this route, Gajdos explained that he hopes it will save the city money on both bidding and with contractual management costs.

Streets to be resurfaced this fall include:

— Orchard: dead-end to Griffin Street

— Ohio: Despelder to Ferry

— Marion: Ferry to Hopkins

— Oakes: Ferry to dead-end

— Airpark: dead-end to Robbins

— Barbara Court: dead-end to 168th

— Aerial View: dead-end to 168th

— Tiles Court: dead-end to Eaton

— Dykhouse Avenue: Beacon Boulevard to Ferry

— 168th Avenue: Robbins Road to Bluebird

— Oak Lane: dead-end to Ferry

— Montague: dead-end to Williams

— Lake: Sherman to Howard

According to an engineering proposal approved by the city Monday night, the street projects will include milling and resurfacing the existing asphalt pavement, and completing pavement markings.

The city’s roads are rated on a 10-point Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) scale — with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. According to Gajdos, all of the streets to be resurfaced this year fall on the lower spectrum of the PASER scale.

“They’re all 2 or 3, and I think one of them is a 1,” he said.

There are also several parking lots that are being proposed for resurfacing. They include The Bookman/Lake Michigan Auto Parts lot in Centertown, and the lot behind between Washington and Columbus avenues along First Street this spring; and the City Hall and Harbourfrount Place parking lots in the fall.

There’s also $12,000 maximum per fiscal year budgeted for resurfacing the driveways at Lake Forest Cemetery.

Officials say the estimate total for the spring paving work is $372,000 and the estimate for the fall work totals $419,597.

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