Work to begin soon on next step of rehab project

Alex Doty • Feb 9, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Grand Haven leaders say work will soon be picking up on the catwalk refurbishment and replacement project.

City Manager Pat McGinnis said they recently had a pre-construction conference with The King Co., which has been hired to conduct the first phases of the catwalk repair project.

“We’ve got everything ready to go,” he said.

City Council has approved the purchase of the new steel for the entire catwalk project for about $250,000, and also a contract to begin the reconstruction of the Type I bents for $60,000.

“That’s what they’re going to get started on immediately,” McGinnis said of the Type I bent project — the first of three bents that will be worked on.

Based on the city’s projections, the cost to restore the Type II bents will be $250,000 and the cost to restore Type Ill bents will be $220,000.

It’s estimated that it will cost about $114,800 to place the catwalk back on the south pier once the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ structure repair project is complete later this year.

The Type I bents, according to McGinnis, will be evaluated and The King Co. will start working on shop drawings in order for fabrication to begin on replacements. McGinnis noted that the city will have to approve each of the shop drawings for each of the bent types before they get started on the fabrication.

“(In a few weeks), they’ll actually be ordering the steel and getting started on the work on those Type I bents,” McGinnis said.

In all, there are six Type I bents. The King Co. will be constructing four new bents and refurbishing two more. City officials say they plan to use this philosophy for the other two bent types — refurbishing two of them and fabricating the rest as replacements.

“Our idea is that we save six overall so, at the end of it, we’ll have about 10 percent of the structure original,” McGinnis said.

The catwalk’s placement on the pier will be the same as it had originally been, officials say, even if that isn’t perfect.

“The horizontal alignment, if you look at it with a bird’s-eye view, it doesn’t exactly go straight,” McGinnis said. “So we said put it back on like it was initially. If originally it was a little bit skewed, we’re going to replicate that.”

As for the catwalk’s vertical alignment along the pier, the plan is to make it as level as possible once it’s replaced.

“(They’ll) put everything straight and plumb, and make everything look good,” McGinnis said. “But the horizontal alignment will follow how it was originally.”

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