Pier repair project to resume soon

Alex Doty • Apr 11, 2017 at 8:00 AM

After a short time on Grand Haven’s south pier last fall, marine construction contractors will soon be heading out on the water to restart the structure’s repair project.

“The pier work is scheduled to start up (this week) ... as long as weather allows,” U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Area Engineer Tom O’Bryan said. “They will start with demolition of the concrete surface.”

Because of the nature of the work and all of the activity that will be taking place, the pier is off limits to the public while the repair and construction work takes place, O’Bryan noted.

“The fence is up and no one will be allowed on the structure,” he said. “And this will be strictly enforced.”

Marine contractors plan to remove the existing concrete surface to inspect the structure and make repairs. The exposed area will then be repaired, filled with stone and recapped with new concrete.

Officials have said that while the goal is to try and get the $2.6 million project completed by the end of July, marine contractors have until the end of 2017 to complete the work, based on their contract.

Work resuming on the pier structure comes at the same time that the city is underway on the catwalk repair and replacement project. The city removed the catwalk at the end of last summer in advance of the Corps of Engineers’ pier repair.

Current estimates to replace the necessary portions of the catwalk total $1 million. The construction and costs have been broken down into the following five phases:

(1) Remove and store catwalk ($84,000).

(2) Restore and/or replace Type I bents ($60,000) and purchase steel ($250,000).

(3) Restore and/or replace Type II bents ($250,000).

(4) Restore and/or replace Type III bents ($220,000).

(5) Re-installation of catwalk ($115,000).

City officials most recently noted that work had begun on the second phase of the project. City leaders say the goal is to try and save six bents from the original catwalk — two of each bent type — leaving 10 percent of the original catwalk in the new structure.

The catwalk will be placed back on the pier once the Corps of Engineers’ pier repair project is complete.

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