'The Price is Right' for GHHS grad

Emma Dale • Jul 14, 2017 at 12:00 PM

When a local student went on spring break this year, he never dreamed he would appear on a popular television game show. 

But that’s exactly what happened to recent Grand Haven High School graduate Noah Huyler, 18, who was a contestant on CBS-TV’s “The Price is Right” in April. The episode aired in June.

After missing a spring break trip his senior year of high school due to shoulder surgery, Huyler said his mom felt bad and wanted to do something special for him. She decided on a trip to California, where she surprised him with tickets to see “The Price is Right.”

Both are avid fans of the show, Huyler said. Growing up, he and his mom often watched the show together.

Although he knew they were attending a taping of the show, Huyler never thought he would be called up as a contestant. Prior to the show, someone comes through the line and briefly interviews people, asking where they’re from and what they’re excited for, he said. Huyler said he made sure to act as ecstatic as possible in the hopes he would be chosen.

Upon hearing his name being called to “come on down,” Huyler said he “freaked out.”

“You don’t go on the show (and) expect to be called,” he said.

To get on stage with host Drew Carey, a handful of contestants bid on items. Huyler said he was so nervous that he kept bidding $1. He eventually guessed close enough and won some jewelry and hopped on stage with Carey.

On stage, Huyler won a six-day trip to Argentina’s wine country.

When the cameras weren’t rolling, Huyler said Carey and the show’s producers would converse and joke with the audience. Huyler made sure to mention his hometown during his time in front of the cameras, saying he wanted “to give a shout-out to all of his friends in Grand Haven.”

That shout-out prompted an off-air conversation with Carey, who asked Huyler about local entities such as Butch’s Beach Burritos and Pronto Pups. Carey told him he loves Grand Haven and has been visiting the area for years. Carey said he has family in the Spring Lake area.

Upon leaving the show, Huyler noted how excited audience members were for him, waiting to congratulate and meet him.

“I was just in utter shock. It didn’t set in for a while. I would be like, ‘Did that actually happen?’” he said. “... It was a cool experience because not many people are going have a story like that to tell.”

When the episode aired June 22, Huyler watched it with family, then went to a viewing party and watched again with all of his friends. He said it was “weird to see himself on TV.”

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