Results from Disney Way training approved by Township Board

Alex Doty • Aug 15, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Grand Haven Township officials have come up with a plan of action following their Disney Way training sessions earlier this summer.

The Township Board on Monday unanimously approved the new township story, values and a Code of Conduct, which are the result of the Disney Way efforts.

“I think that it was well done,” Township Supervisor Mark Reenders said of the program’s results. 

After the Disney Way training wrapped up in June, committees were formed to continue the work discussed during the training. Township Community Development Manager Stacey Fedewa, Township Fire/Rescue Chief Tom Gerencer and Andrea Sandoval met multiple times to draft the story, values and Code of Conduct, noted Township Human Resources Supervisor Andrea Dumbrell. 

“They also received feedback from the staff,” Drumbrell said of the plan, noting that this feedback was integrated into the final work submitted to the board.

According to the approved values, the township consists of “a team devoted to providing superior customer service while inspiring an atmosphere of integrity, respect and trust. We value open communication, honesty and understanding.”

The Code of Conduct states:

— We live the Golden Rule.

— We act with patience and understanding.

— We create a culture of service in which every person is valued.

— We communicate openly and honestly.

— We lead by example.

— We are open to new ideas and beliefs.

— We work together to keep our community safe and clean.

— We strive to know the answers and seek solutions.

— We celebrate and enjoy our work.

Township Manager Bill Cargo noted that Bill Capodagli, who runs the Disney Way training program, will return to the township Aug. 29 to meet with himself and the Champion Committee, and on Aug. 31 for a follow-up half-day session with all township staff.

The township also on Monday unanimously approved the reinstatement of its reimbursement of employee educational expenses policy based on feedback from the Disney Way training sessions.

“This came up during the Disney training because several employees asked if funding for that (training) could be reinstated,” Dumbrell said.

The township suspended the funding of the policy in 2009 during the Great Recession. The township notes that it was spending on average $7,300 per year to fund the policy.

“From an HR perspective, this will be extremely helpful,” Dumbrell said, noting that it will help in the attraction of people to positions that become open.

Dumbrell noted that the intention is to have the policy’s funding reviewed and approved through the township’s budgeting process.

Per the updated policy, employees must be permanent and full time for at least one year prior to the time the eligible course begins in order to receive reimbursement for it.

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