City selects priorities for 2018-19

Alex Doty • Jan 17, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Grand Haven leaders now have a road map to guide them on their path to 2018-19.

City Council on Monday night unanimously approved its goal statement for the upcoming year, a process that began late last year.

“The City Council met back in November and listed a number of items that could be crafted into a goal statement,” City Manager Pat McGinnis said. “Subsequently, there was a rating effort council members placed priority on different potential goals.”

City officials took all of the responses and ratings, put them in a spreadsheet, and then picked the top eight goals.

According to McGinnis, the top goals for the upcoming year are:

— Build and adopt a sustainable infrastructure funding plan.

— Have a discussion about local energy production.

— Research, report and create a strategic plan for the airport.

— Conduct a snowmelt energy source evaluation and plan.

— Work on unfunded accruals/liabilities education and plan.

— Discuss housing affordability.

— Investigate possible Washington Square improvements.

— Address Department of Public Works space needs.

McGinnis said there were a number of other items that didn’t get quite as much support from members of City Council to make them a priority. These lower-priority goals include maintaining a current priority list of infrastructure needs, conducting a traffic study at Jackson Street and Beacon Boulevard, working on maintaining the Beacon Boulevard median, and looking at infill development in the community.

“I think the intent is to keep a manageable number of targets for us so we’re likely to have some success,” McGinnis said.

The top eight goals are in addition to the standard goals the city has for each year, such as fiscal accountability, transparency and safety.

“It doesn’t mean all those other things go away,” McGinnis said.

The city manager also noted that the goal of maintaining a current priority list of infrastructure projects is done each year, and wouldn’t be listed as a special goal for the year.


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