Busy summer of road construction ahead

Alex Doty • Apr 9, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Spring is here, and the county’s road agency is getting ready for all the road improvements planned for this construction season.

More than 20 miles of primary road improvements, more than 6 miles of local road improvements and more than 70 miles of preventative maintenance are expected to be performed this spring and summer by the Ottawa County Road Commission.

With increased funding from the state — and the countywide road millage still in effect — Road Commission officials say they can perform work on many roads that desperately need it.

“The extra funding both from the state increases and countywide millage both remain crucial to resurfacing and reconstruction projects on our roads,” said Zach Russell, spokesman for the Road Commission.

Regarding the countywide millage, Russell noted that they always label all projects that are funded by the millage on their social media, website and any press releases about it.

“That way, residents know where the money is going, because it all goes to road resurfacing, reconstruction and preventative maintenance projects within the township that the money was generated,” Russell said. “So many of our projects would not be possible without this extra funding. For instance, in 2018, both sections of Lakeshore Drive that are being resurfaced are funded completely with millage funds.”

Russell noted that in 2015, Gov. Rick Snyder also signed legislation that would incrementally increase road funding over several years.

“These additional funds have also allowed us to increase our improvements to our road system,” Russell said. “Many of our planned projects are reliant on the annual appropriation of this increase at the state level — and, without it, some projects would not be possible.”

The governor also recently signed a supplemental appropriation from the Michigan Legislature, which provides a one-time, $175 million increase in transportation funding, garnering the Ottawa County Road Commission $1.9 million in additional revenue. This allows for more work to be done this construction season.

The projects ahead

Primary road improvements in 2018 mainly consist of resurfacing projects, and one large reconstruction project.

The reconstruction of Cottonwood Drive in the Jenison area will greatly improve traffic and safety conditions along Cottonwood, from Bauer to Baldwin, and will improve the Cottonwood/Baldwin intersection.

The resurfacing projects include two large stretches of Lakeshore Drive, an almost 5-mile-long section of Osborn/Bass/Warner, and many more projects.

Local road improvements include funds from townships as well as general transportation funds. They include resurfacing of several local roads and subdivisions.

Local road improvements also include the regraveling of some of the dirt roads in Ottawa County, which is performed through a 50/50 cost-sharing program between the Road Commission and the township.

Preventative maintenance includes both chip sealing and cape sealing. These treatments are a cost-effective way to extend the life of roads. 

Here’s how the Road Commission’s projects shake out for local roads in Northwest Ottawa County:

Primary road improvements

Crockery Township/Spring Lake Township — resurface Leonard Road from 148th Avenue to 130th Avenue.

Crockery Township — construct 3-foot-wide paved shoulders and resurface Leonard Road from 136th Avenue to 112th Avenue.

Robinson Township/Allendale Township — resurface and 3-foot-wide paved shoulders on 4.83 miles of Osborn/Bass/Warner.

Grand Haven Township — resurface Hayes Street from Lakeshore Drive to U.S. 31.

Grand Haven Township — resurface Robbins Road from Pine Street to Mercury Drive.

Countywide road millage project

Grand Haven Township — resurface Lakeshore Drive from Rosy Mound Drive to Grand Haven city limits.

Cape seal surfacing

Crockery Township — cape seal surfacing on Cleveland Street from 112th Avenue to 96th Avenue.

Spring Lake Township — cape seal surfacing on Hickory Street from 174th Avenue to West Spring Lake.

Spring Lake Township — cape seal surfacing on Taft Street from 174th Avenue to West Spring Lake.


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